How to Find Free Images for Commercial Use

Finding free images is as time a painstaking process. And it is a necessary process since if you fail to choose free images for commercial use that means you could land in some serious legal trouble later on. So it is a good idea to find pictures from sources where you can get free images with no copyright issues so that you can relax and use the pictures with no consequences whatsoever.

Here are some sites you can go to, to find free images which you can use for commercial purposes.

  1. Google Images

Google is the first website we turn to whenever we are looking for something. And you can find images labeled for commercial use on Google as well. Simply search for the image that you want, press on tools then go to the tab which says ‘Usage Rights’, click this and choose the ‘labeled for reuse’ option. The images which are displayed after you choose this option are the ones which you can use easily.

  1. Pexels is a website which is free stock photos, all the pictures on the website are free for use by anyone so you can use them for commercial purposes without worrying about any copyright violations! It is a great photography website which can get you amazing images that you can use as is or by editing them.

  1. Unsplash is an amazing photography website where photographers upload their images for other people to use. There are so many different kinds of images to choose from. These images serve as free stock photos which can be used by you for whatever purposes.

  1. Pixabay is another photography website which provides people with free stock photos. You can find a myriad of images on the website and use the one you think is most appropriate for your purposes.

These websites will provide you with a lot of images for commercial use; any type of image that you seek, you will find on these websites. Most of the images on these websites do not require that you attribute the image to the website or the photographer but it never hurts to double check the image which you will be specifically using!

These websites are lifesavers for everyone. You can use the images for whatever purposes; commercial or non-commercial without the threat of violating copyright laws!

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